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Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India

ASSOCIATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL TEACHERS OF INDIA - an association found by the pioneers of Pharmacy education in India in 1966 by leading personalities like Prof. M. L. Schroff, Prof. G. P Srivastava and others, has come a long way in creating better intercommunication and promotion of excellence in pharmacy education. Through its tailor-made mission and objectives, the association has provided a single platform in bringing together teachers of pharmacy education from all over the country. This has helped in the achievement of excellent standards and to develop new technological methods in pharmacy education through the exchange of views amongst the teaching members. The emergent world today, with unbelievable sophistication under its belt, demands for technically sound and highly knowledgeable pharmacists. The contribution of a teacher is thereby quite demanding. A Teacher apart from being an educator also contributes to science as a researcher, helps in business development as a consultant to pharmaceutical industry and also creates social awareness as a community pharmacist.

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APTI Women's Forum Newsletter
Issue - Cell-based therapies

Aug - Dec 2022

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APTI Awardees 2021

APTI Awardees 2021, Congratulations

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