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ASSOCIATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL TEACHERS OF INDIA - An association founded by the pioneers of Pharmacy education in India in 1966 by leading personalities like Prof. M. L. Schroff, Prof. G. P Srivastava and others, has come a long way in creating better intercommunication and promotion of excellence in pharmacy education. Through its tailor-made mission and objectives, the association has provided a single platform in bringing together teachers of pharmacy education from all over the country. This has helped in the achievement of excellent standards and to develop new technological methods in pharmacy education through the exchange of views amongst the teaching members. The emergent world today, with unbelievable sophistication under its belt, demands for technically sound and highly knowledgeable pharmacists. The contribution of a teacher is thereby quite demanding. A Teacher apart from being an educator also contributes to science as a researcher, helps in business development as a consultant to pharmaceutical industry and also creates social awareness as a community pharmacist

APTI celebrating its 53 years, today has more than 10000 life members apart from a sizeable number of associate life members and student members from all over the country. The association with its activities is providing a robust platform for the bouncing avant-garde ideas of the members in the academic fields through newer teaching methodologies, fabrication of tools, computer aided drug designs and other applications through interaction with industry, hospitals, regulatory bodies and community pharmacy. Although many of the goals have been achieved, many more are yet to be conquered. More heights need to be scaled. The efforts of the association in encouraging and supporting its members achieving such milestones, have always been well appreciated.

It is an organization whose heart beats for the pharmacy education and profession. During the last five decades the aims and ambitions of its members have grown beyond imparting quality pharmacy education. Today the members not only continue to teach but also counsel, motivate, guide, award, felicitate research, advice and provide invaluable consultation to incubate start-ups. As such the APTI has today evolved as a multi-faceted institution, a critical component of the Indian pharma industry, by the many dimensions of its activities

Five decades ago, APTI served its primary purpose - an association of teachers who would want to 'teach'.

APTI is one of the federating bodies under the umbrella of Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association (IPCA). APTI has thrice organized the Mega event Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (Varanasi 2007, Chennai 2012, Chithara University Near Chandigarh, 2017) which attracts more than 7500 participants from all over the globe.

APTI association has grown and expanded its presence in areas beyond Pharmacy education, into:

  • Nurturing the aspirations of students
  • Guide cutting edge research
  • Provide invaluable consultancy to industry and academia
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit by promoting start-ups

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