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An association founded by the pioneers of Pharmacy education in India in 1966 by leading personalities like
Prof. M. .L Schroff, Prof. G. P Srivastava and others, have come a long way in creating better intercommunication and promotion of excellence in pharmacy education. Through it’s tailor-made mission and objectives, the association has provided a common platform for bringing together teachers of pharmacy education across the nation. APTI which is celebrating Its 57 years, today has more than 15000 life members apart from a sizeable number of associate life members and student members from allover the country. The association with it’s activities is providing a robust platform for the bouncirng avant-garde ideas of the members in the academic field through new and more advanced teaching methodologies, fabrication of tools, computer-aided drug designs and other applications through Interaction with industry, hospitals, regulatory bodies and community pharmacy.

APTI association has grown and expanded its presence in areas beyond Pharmacy education, into:

  • Nurturing the aspirations of students.
  • Guide cutting-edge research.
  • Provide invaluable consultancy to industry and academia.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit by promoting start-ups.
  • Teachers' Advisory to strengthen Teaching Learning and Research.
  • Outcome-based processes focusing on Teacher's welfare.
  • Group Insurance tor Teachers.
  • National forum for teachers to connect with high officials.
  • Plans to have an Extensive membership drive to bring all teachers.
  • On the cards Travel grants to teachers for international connect.
  • Collaborations with high-end labs to provide teachers with facilities to cater to R&D APTI awards for deserving teachers and motivation for othersto work hard.
  • Publishing high esteemed Scopus-lndexed journals.
  • Newsletter of women forum and APT bulletin theme based.
  • Active website and connect at the Secretariat to attend to all teacher's concerns.

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APTI Women's Forum Newsletter
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