"To be the best National Platform for dealing with all issues related to Pharmacy Teaching and Education in India".


  • To identify specific objectives of the profession and to define the objectives of Pharmacy Education for the coming years

  • To protect the interests of Pharmacy Teachers in general.

  • To bring the Pharmacy teachers on one platform and most regularly to discuss the various issues of Pharmacy Education

  • To develop the Methods & Techniques to impart Quality Education in Pharmacy Profession.

  • To discuss the current needs of Pharma Industry and the society at large, and to modify the syllabus pattern according to the needs of industry and the society

  • To honour the best Teachers, Principals, and Researchers for their contribution to Pharmacy Education & Research and Community Service annually.

  • To establish a APTI - Shree B. M. Reddy Pharmacy Training Institution at Bengaluru to impart continuing Education Programmes needed for updating knowledge of Pharmacy Teachers.

  • To project APTI as the only voluntary agency to be consulted by the Govt. of India, respective State Governments, and the Statutory bodies like PCI, AICTE in all the matters related to Pharmacy Education

  • To build up rapport with regulatory bodies, Central Government, State Governments, Pharmaceutical Industries and Professional bodies.

  • To spread the awareness of Pharmacy Profession in the Society, arranging various camps, public lectures, exhibitions etc.,

  • To provide information regarding job opportunities in Pharmacy Education.

  • To publish quality books.

  • To Publish Bi Monthly APTI Bulletin

  • To publish Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

  • To Publish Woman to Woman Quarterly bulletin.

  • To make available the published papers of the life members on internet

  • To Create database directory of Pharmacy institutions and life members of the Association.

  • To undertake projects from or in co-operation with Central/ State Governments, Industry or other bodies.

  • To issue appeals and applications for money and funds in support of the said objectives and to accept gifts, donations. subscriptions of cash and securities or of any property, both movable and immovable

  • To acquire. purchase, invest and deal with funds and moneys of the Association.

  • To acquire, purchase or otherwise or take on lease or hire temporarily or permanently, any movable or immovable properly as may be necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the activities of the Association.

  • To sell, buy, mortgage, lease, exchange and otherwise transfer or dispose off all or any property movable or immovable of the Association for the furtherance of the objectives of the association.

  • To construct, maintain, alter, improve or develop any building or work which maybe necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Association.

  • To undertake, create, and accept the management of any endowment or trust funds or donations

  • To do all such other lawful things as are conclusive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives and in furthering the growth of the Association.

  • To nurture the next generation of pharmacists who demonstrate: Uncompromising focus on advancing patient care, Dedication to the industry /pharmacy where he or she works, Strongest commitment to advancing the pharmacy industry overall through innovation.

  • To strengthen and upgrade the pharmacy curriculum to produce a competent pharmacist workforce which is able to meet the growing demands of the industry and community

  • Revolutionize the pharmacy education system to meet the growing demand of the profession by ensuring competent workforce.

  • To train Pharmacy professionals both clinically and technologically in which they can face global challenges. As the next-generation pharmacist will no longer be a mere dispenser of drugs, but will have a crucial role in management of patients and as a community pharmacist

  • To produce high quality pharmacist workforce to suit the needs of the industries, Community and Pharmacy Regulation

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