Thee Women's Forum of the Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India has been initiated with a view concerns and opinions of womens who make up a significant part of the pharmacy teaching profession.With the increasing number of women pharmacy graduates, the women's forum encourages and supports every member to help them pursue effective careers in pharmacy.As a forum of educators, women's forum is dedicated to raise the career profile of women in pharmacy profession.


Empower women in pharmacy profession at national and international level.


  • To foster women in leadership position in Pharmacy - Academic, Industrial, Regulatory affairs, Community Service, Clinical Pharmacy in hospital in india and raise a global concern for unbiased advancement of women.
  • To identify and address the working needs that are critical for professional women in pharmacy.
  • To initiate and support the entrepreneurial skills of working women through training, financial collaborative research.
  • To provide platform for women pharmacy students to improve their awareness and express their views and concerns.

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